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About Us

JMarc Network (JMN) is a full-service podcast agency comprised of a talented and diverse team of producers, directors, writers, hosts, storytellers, audio technicians, and marketing experts. We merge our talents to create a rich, virtual destination for anyone seeking entertainment, information, or enlightenment. 


The ever-growing JMN podcast lineup empowers different and distinct voices. We provide a platform for shared experiences, encouragement, and enjoyment. We create connections for communities that have faced discouragement, discrimination, and disenfranchisement. We support innovative and creative thinkers, engage with talent that are leaders in the industry, and provide quality content you won’t see anywhere else.

Our Story

 Finding inspiration from our past experiences, we created a place where we could support each other and help others fulfill their creative dreams, by applying our creative talents. JMarc Media Network's goal is to provide a place where creators can feel safe to express their individuality, hone their creative skills, and provide a platform that values each creator's uniqueness, all while working together for a common goal.


JMarc Media Network aims to support underserved voices to transform important perspectives into powerful allies and storytellers to audiences by educating and creating synergy through the power of social media and new media.

Meet The Team

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