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Ricardo Vasquez,
Founder & Marketing Director at JMarc Media Network

Ricardo is the Marketing Director for JMarc Media Network and a Brand Manager for a local startup.  He supports businesses with inbound marketing, social media initiatives, acquiring leads and adding a personal touch to marketing efforts.

Previously, Ricardo has had experience in Social Media management and moved into a Marketing and Sales Analyst role position. He also worked for the non-profit sector and has vast knowledge in customer relationship management and served as lead to various large-scale events.

His creativity and business mindset has continued to propel him in producing corporate videos, short films, and independent projects. Ricardo’s interest in directing productions/cinematography evolved to marketing and continues to be passionate about storytelling and targeted messaging to create business-changing content that speak to today’s digital communities.

His goal is to help leaders find the best approach in growing their business by teaching the building blocks of personal branding, the fundamentals of storytelling and supporting aspiring podcasters to have a voice, applying innovative marketing strategies and supporting branding initiatives across various podcasts.

When he isn’t working, you’ll find Ricardo reading a book, swimming, working out and spending quality time with his nieces and nephews.

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