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A. A. White,
Senior Producer at JMarc Media Network

A. A. White is a researcher, writer, and artist with a background in media analysis, advertising, copywriting, and promotional graphics.


The youngest daughter of local graphic artist, human relations consultant, and former Black Liberation Reference Person for Re-Evaluation Counseling, Mike White and Lyn White, RN, Quaker and passionate advocate for human rights, A. was raised in an eclectic and loving family that valued and encouraged free thought and intellectual curiosity.



In 2015 she left a 15-year career at one of the largest non-profit medical centers in the East Bay area to care for a family member on hospice and to support her special needs child who had been struggling in school.



Making the terrifying leap from a comfortable but ultimately soul-eating profession allowed A. the time and mental space to be present for her family in meaningful ways when it really mattered. It also made room in her life for her to become reacquainted with her creative roots and true passions. From that point forward, A. has dedicated her time and energy to historical and genealogical research, as well as producing and editing all forms of media. 



As a Senior Producer for JMN, A. is committed to providing quality content for underserviced audiences and a platform for diverse voices and experiences.



A. A. White is a former Staff Writer for and still an avid gamer.

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