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We are two bay area mujeres who went from questioning our potential to connecting and empowering each other.

Realizing that we had a real organic friendship where we could seek each other to get real answers and advice. We decided that a space like Hijas Madres y Amigas was necessary. We welcome people of all walks of life to be able to share their unique stories. We will share personal life goals, parenting failures & successes.


Come discover your own journey, as you stand in solidarity with us and get connected to your inner self, get motivated and begin to make conscious decisions that impact your lifestyle.


Let's build a community of unstoppable, powerful women. We want you to take what you need from this podcast. Whether it's a friend, a resource, a new technique, a new person to follow on Instagram, or just a moment of Zen for yourself. 


You can find us on apple podcast, Spotify & iHeart Radio, every other week. Make sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook at Hijas Madres Y Amigas and be sure to send us questions, comments, and suggestions. 

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Lizette Aguilera

Lizette, the youngest of three siblings was born and raised in Oakland California. She is the daughter of immigrant parents, a Mexican mother, and a Salvadorian father. Her parent's work ethics instilled values that she continues to use today. She also developed a sense of emotional intelligence from her mother which helps her connect with others and understand their struggle all while showing compassion.


She is a highly intuitive mother that believes in herself and her family. This outspoken woman believes in sharing the gifts she cultivated during her Latino upbringing, to the public. She is a happily married mother of two, a homeowner by the age of 27, and has a successful career in the restaurant industry, without a college degree.


She brings a vast knowledge of various subjects that impact women, such as raising children to be inclusive of all backgrounds, self-empowerment, work-life balance, budgeting, creating incredible, tasty dishes, and much more.


Her role currently is a Health & Safety Manager that heavily supports the Human Resources department. She has found enjoyment in being people's advocate, being honest, and playing fair. She also loves every chance in which she can support her Hispanic community.


This is just the tip of the iceberg of this dynamic woman’s background and life. Tune in with her and her cohost Selena, as they bring their knowledge and experiences to your podcast platforms.

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Selena Gonzalez-Duarte

Selena is passionate, kind, and loving, she believes in social justice and taking Sundays off. She surrounds herself with love and compassion and believes there’s no better time to celebrate women's contributions than every day by creating conversations highlighting standouts, accomplishments, impacts, and just how far they have come. Some stories should be told only by those who have lived them. 


After graduating college, getting married, buying a home, and having two beautiful children; she has embarked on a self-discovery and self-love journey. She was born and raised in the Bay Area in a traditional Latino household and after accomplishing the “American Dream” she has begun to question what she believes “success” means to her. She encourages others to do the same.


Her goal is to stand in solidarity with others who are questioning their authentic self and the role they wish to play in making the world a better place. This Podcast is designed to light you up, guide you through similar questions, and situations and help bring you one step closer to your best self. She considers herself her own hero, her roots, her superpower and she believes people themselves are their best advocates.


When she isn’t working, she is enjoying family time, trying to finish laundry, finding an outdoor hiking trail, doing community service, or simply gaining new knowledge or skill.

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