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Julian Reed,
Founder & Executive Producer at JMarc Media Network

Julian, a Bay Area native, was raised in a culture that valued artistic ability. This motivated him to bring people from his community together, to support one another and share their artistic ability.

He grew up in a family of artists. His grandfather being a photographer, assigned Julian various roles and then became his apprentice. He learned the art of still images and the importance of photography and storytelling. He now engages in production of all types of media such as short films, fashion shows, photography, event planning and much more.

A mental health advocate, Julian has struggled his whole life with chronic anxiety. He is using his voice to silence stigma and misguided ideas that are portrayed by others. Using the podcast media network to support others who struggle with depression/anxiety and helping them find their passion, giving them a positive distraction and providing them a platform to share their story.

 Julian uses creativity and art to express himself, to educate people on ways to function and support self-development while doing what he loves.

You can usually find Julian editing, helping his community, gaming, and being around good people.

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